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Continental AMS has been encouraged by qualified professionals with widespread and varying industry involvement in India.

Overseas Recruitment

While it is a query of finest outcomes for your firm, there is nothing well than appointing a top candidates for it. Hiring the right flair at its suitable job outline is the straightforward essential sketch of the Human resource. Here at Human resource considerations we involve manpower at advanced to mid-level positions for our clienteles. Our credible team of experts who carry capability from varied fields certify to learn and deliver the exact flair.

“Enhancing concert” is what we continuously attempt to provide which not simply supports us to search for correct flair in the marketplace but also cultivate an extended term association with our valued clients. Engaging an applicant with the firm is very important, and who enhanced than the customer himself to convey us their potentials about the applicant.

Our team at HR replications, organizes summit with the client moreover in being or through telephonic conversation to comprehend their necessities exactly. We effort to offer the client a finest fit for the unoccupied position and a preeminent for their association. Nobody except an expert team of top players can underwrite to form the superlative companies and we embrace the designation of presence of the topmost executive search firms who always guarantee to make the superlative players for association. Your satisfaction is our eventual goal.

Assortment discusses to pick up candidates with the correct credentials, the right knowledge and experience for a specific position.

Merging the knowledge and inclusive competences of the essential team associates, secure job aspects to associating with clients in United Arab Emirates to support them develop high concert dealings by hiring best quality flair from the international and national markets. Our group of counselors have appropriate industry understanding of your essentials and talent to widely evaluate candidate ability. We consider that our exploration for the correct soul for the correct apt certainly stops, we balance social sentiments and professional outlooks.

Selection process:

• Assessment of clients’ requirement: To create the major move, an inclusive conversation with the client is organized. We evaluate their necessity in relations of suitability principles, financial aspects etc of the specified given designation.

• Primary Interview: When we get candidates from various cradles like professional interacting sites, personal networks, orientation, database etc; clarifying the persons as per the principles is done. Screening is done through telephonic round, it is conducted to plaid whether candidate is talented or not.

• Candidates are shortlisted: Resume of the selected candidate beside with reliable beliefs are accelerated to the clients aimed at approval.

• Interview of client: When we get a green sign from the client aimed at shortlisted aspirants we coordinate with them in cooperation of them and organize interview round. In this interview round client has right to go ahead or discard with the applicant on suitable grounds of assortments. After this, response is conversed to the candidate.

• Final selection and joining: After clearing the above interview rounds, response is communicated to candidate. Negotiations are completed on the assumed proposal if mandatory and lastly selection procedure is finished.

• Joining: Accurate monitoring is prepared with the designated candidate till they join the organization.

Real Estate:

Most of our real estate projects are located on Tonk road. Recently running project is ORB Lotus. We specifically work with one group which has renowned projects on tonk road. Tonk road has become a virtuous choice for NRI investment. One can see our running projects which are ORB lotus, ORB valley, ORB highway, ORB hills, ORB vastushastra.

Advantage of investing on Tonk Road:

• Tonk road is a widespread center for real estate financiers.

• International Airport is located on Tonk road which is connected to JLN marg.

• The commercial centers such as Wold trade park, Gaurav Towers, Redisson blue, Hotel Marriot, EHCC Heart Hospital, Fortis, Mahaveer Cancer Hospital are spread in the city limits for this reason.

• Distance between Jaipur and Delhi is about 280 Km, Jaipur is well connected to Delhi Express highway.

• The metropolis is the major midpoint for trade of decorated gemstones, authentic silver jewelry, crafts, floorings, attire, customary footwear, marble and stone objects, engineering goods, etc.

• The ring road will deliver a tranquil and quick entree to all chief roads linking Jaipur without entering the Jaipur city.

• On Tonk road, chokhidhani is situated, it is tourist spot which is world famous because of its traditional culture and food.

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New Project Launched - UMA Aangan and ORB Valley

1 June, 2014

ORB Group New Projects - ORB Highway, ORB Vastu Vihar, ORB Hills, ORB Valley
1 June March, 2014


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